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1. Oh my gosh, this was - Незарегистрированный пользователь  Skip (Гость)
2016-05-18 в 05:39

Oh my gosh, this was hilarious. I was just in NYC and laughed out loud at the paragraph about the 300 pound lenses shooting mcd's signs. Since I am a photographer and noticed the million and a half people with ridiculous camera getups while I was there. I'm gad it went well though, in the end. And I am completely blown away by the idea of round-the-clock cookie deya!erl-amizing!!!vI might have to move to the big apple now... http://cjirvapo.com [url=http://ssganbcoy.com]ssganbcoy[/url] [link=http://djnaivjmjq.com]djnaivjmjq[/link]

2. I <a href="http://nm - Незарегистрированный пользователь  Deacon (Гость)
2016-05-17 в 04:38

I <a href="http://nmoxrnfuqh.com">wo#v3&ud9;le</a> been standing in line at Waldenbooks at midnight for the newest Sweet Valley High book to be released if people did such things back then. I was that kind of fan. What would they have called us? Sweet-hards? No, that sounds a little racey. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. *removing my Reebok high tops with 2 velcro straps and scrunchy socks now*

3. Haha. Fan Girl Probl - Незарегистрированный пользователь  Donte (Гость)
2016-05-14 в 07:18

Haha. Fan Girl Problems. Too bad you don&#39;t have your books and camera during the enetcnour, to get the photo and autograph that you&#39;ve always wanted. :P

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